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‘Street Fighter V’ release date announced

At Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, it was revealed that the upcoming fighting game Street Fighter V will launch on February 16, 2016 for the PC and PlayStation 4. The game, which is being made in cooperation with Sony, has been a topic of much discussion regarding its PlayStation console exclusivity. The game’s creators have stressed that the game will not come to other platforms in any form, so don’t expect it on Xbox.

The game was also received six brand new characters in the first year after being launched, all of which will users can unlock for free using in-game currency called Fight Money. In a post on the PlayStaion Blog, Capcom’s Community Manager Peter Rosas wrote, “In case you haven’t heard, Street Fighter V is moving away from doing large bundles of post launch content, such as our prior Super or Ultra upgrades, and instead will be continuously releasing new post-launch content on a regular basis. No longer will you need to wait one or two years for new Street Fighter goodness; it will always be right around the corner.”

“We have confirmed that we will be releasing 6 new characters post-launch in 2016, which will bring the total roster up to 22 characters by the beginning of 2017. On average, we will release one new character every two months, provided everything stays on track with our development schedule. More specifics will be shared when our post-launch plans are confirmed,” Rosas added.

Regarding Fight Money, Rosas wrote that “the purpose of the Fight Money system is to reward players who stay engaged with Street Fighter V over time. While we are still finalizing details on pricing and Fight Money accumulation rates, which will be refined throughout our future beta tests, we are excited to share some details on how we are approaching the new system.”

“There will be two primary methods for players to gain Fight Money: completing daily goals, and leveling up individual characters.”

“Each day a player logs into the Street Fighter V client, they will be assigned a new daily goal. Daily goals should be easily achievable in in one play session, and will award Fight Money based on their difficulty.”

“Daily goals will help players improve with a variety of characters. It will also ensure that players with a limited amount of time to play per day can still earn characters for free. We want a system that rewards frequency of play, rather than requiring long marathon grinding sessions.”

“For those who just can’t wait to earn each piece of new content, content can also be purchased instantly using our premium currency, named Zenny, which can be bought with real money.”

It was also confirmed that the character of Dhalsim will make an appearance in the game. Rosas discussed the addition, writing that “the return of Dhalsim in Street Fighter V marks the addition of the first true zoning character to join the initial roster. Using his long-range limbs and slow projectiles to frustrate overly offensive opponents, Dhalsim’s style has historically been keep-away since his inception in Street Fighter II.”

“Although he’s a pacifist, Dhalsim steps into battle when it comes to saving others. From raising money for the poor to destroying dams that are forcefully keeping water from his village, Dhalsim takes up arms if the good outweighs the harm he can cause.”

“In Street Fighter V, Dhalsim once again joins the fray to help those in need. Not one to slack on his Yoga training, Dhalsim has mastered a few new Yoga skills for this upcoming battle, those being his V-Skill — Yoga Float and his V-Trigger — Yoga Burner.”

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