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Storm Update: Recovery efforts continue in Texas, death toll up to 19

Authorities and residents continued to recover Wednesday from the devastating, heavy storms that blew across Texas and Oklahoma. Authorities are still searching for people believed to be missing and assessing the damage.

A third body was found near the Blanco River in Texas on Tuesday bringing the death toll in Texas and Oklahoma combined to 19. Sixteen of those deaths occurred in Texas. According to ABC News, 21 counties in Texas have been declared disaster areas.

According to NBC News, 14 people are still missing in Texas. Eight of those people are from two families whose vacation house was swept away by “wall of water” over the weekend in Wimberly, Hays County Commissioner Will Conley said. An 80-person search and rescue team is working to find missing persons in Wimberly.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker confirmed Tuesday that two of three deaths following a huge storm Monday night were drivers stuck in rainwater. Their identities were not made public, but one was found in a car and the other was found outside after suffering a heart attack.

Tuesday morning, a biker discovered a casket on a roadway in southwest Houston. Apparently, the casket from 2007 was unearthed from a cemetery during the flooding. Officials have urged residents to stray from touching anything in the water.

Authorities in Midlothian, Texas said that there was also a potential dam failure. By Wednesday, authorities said there was no longer any danger. Police were informed by the U.S. Agriculture Department early Wednesday of the potential failure. Although the dam held in the early morning, water continued to pile on top and more water is expected to be released.

All of the homeowners beneath the dam were notified. Some evacuations took place according to the Texas Division of Emergency Management. If the water were to run over the dam at Padera Lake, Associated Press said it could flood a major highway.


A flash flood warning was issued for six counties near the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth area at 6:14 a.m. after a weekend of tragic floods. The National Weather Service said that severe storms were possible in the afternoon and evening across Oklahoma.

More rain is the last thing these areas need. Both Texas and Oklahoma have suffered enough.

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