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Stop Flesh Eating Disease From Getting to You

By now, you have probably heard about some kind of person, be it a relative, stranger, friend, or someone who lives in another country dying from necrotizing fasciitis or flesh eating disease to put it in simple terms. So you have heard of it, but the comment coming next is likely something along the lines of  “Things like this usually happen at random, is there any way we can actually stop it or decrease the chance of it attacking us?” The answer is yes. In fact, what you can do to prevent it from getting to you is easier to do than you would probably first think.

After a man passed on due to a disease similar to the flesh eating disease, officials felt it was necessary to give people tips to help protect them from it. All you need to do is make sure that you keep open wounds such as blisters, scars, wounds, scrapes, and just about every type of lesion that leaves your insides exposed covered and protected, especially if you enter open and large bodies of water.

So that is it. Sounds simple right? Well you are right, but you probably overlook this advice when something like this actually happens. Think about it this way, when you are outside on the field playing soccer, or indoors playing basketball, or even riding the ramps of your skateboard, you have got a very good chance of falling and scraping a part of your body. If it does not hurt like crazy or impair you from continuing to play, what are nine out of ten people going to do with it? Nothing. They look at it, shrug it off and continue to play. There are also the types of people who do not really care if they enter public pools with open wounds because “the chlorine is a chemical meant to kill germs and nothing can possibly happen with something like that in the water.” False people. You know those signs that are near pools that explain the rules of the pool, saying not to leave children ten years old and under unattended and other advice that you ignore? Well, nine times out of ten it also mentions not to enter the pool with open wounds, some even say not to enter at all if you are wounded, whether you have it covered or not, and there is a reason for that. So the next time that you think you are invincible or think that you are tough when you get a cut on your body and play through it, remember what kind of danger you are putting yourself in, regardless of how rare getting the infection of this magnitude might be.

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