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Steam Controller now on sale

Rejoice fellow PC gamers!

Valve’s Steam Controller has had even more reasons for us to be excited about, The controller is going to be officially shipped on the 10th of November this year, with a very heft price of €54.99

The controller has a very interesting concept though, straying far away from both key styled PC gaming, and controller styled Console gaming. The controller features twin trackpads (in place of joysticks) making fluid movements, such as the ones you would have with a mouse, quite a bit easier! The Valve controller is more than expected with the unofficial launch of the SteamBox which totes the look and feel of a gaming PC, but the power, and openness of a PC, with steams very own SteamOS, which I admit is definitely something else.  While the SteamBox is still in its early stages yet, we might have to spend a bit more time waiting for a true fluid compatibility coming from the ergonomic controller, and the micro-computer. It’s definitely something to be excited for.

So if you’re in the market for a console, but don’t quite have the cash available to dosh out for something next gen, take a look at what steam hardware is being offered, with changeable hardware, and easy to use compatibility, how could you say no?

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