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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Announced

EA announced they were launching a beta for their upcoming game, Star Wars Battlefront, earlier in the year, but with it now sitting only a few days away, details about what to expect are plentiful and slightly tantalizing.  Scheduled for Thursday, October 8, the beta will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and gives eager players three different modes to play online and off until it ends next Monday, October 12.

The first mode offered is Walker Assault on Hoth, an all out 40-player battle between the Rebels and the Empire.  It features diverse action with ground and air units battling to take control of the ice planet.  Then there’s Drop Zone on Sullust, a mode where you have to control escape pods with your team in 8 on 8 battles.  Lastly, there’s a survival mode on Tatooine that can be played either alone or with a friend via split-screen.  Players are stranded on Tatooine and must endure wave after wave of imperial forces until you win or they retreat.  Unfortunately, even though you can play the mission alone, EA stated that you still need to be online to do so.  A bit of a nuisance to some, sure, but one has to consider that because this is a beta, this will give the company more info in the long run about improving the final version – which hopefully changes the need to be online.

EA is also launching an app alongside the beta called Base Command, which is said to also be playable on Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 browsers.  The app isn’t available yet, but it’s sure to drop soon on the official website.

On top of its short run, the beta will also cap at level 5, and your progress won’t be carried to the completed version either, which is scheduled to release November 17.

If you’re already anxious to play this incredibly hyped game, developers EA and DICE have already given out early access keys to streamers on Twitch, so you can a preview to wet your appetite – or binge on until the beta actually releases, I don’t judge.



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