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‘Star Citizen’ 2.0 Version is out, continues to improve

Developer Cloud Imperium games have made dramatic improvements to Star Citizen since its initial release, and more features are added with every update. Star Citizen 2.0 now offers first person shooter gameplay mechanics, as well as many other new features. See the Star citizen 2.0 article on Power Leveled for full details. The following comes from Power Leveled:

“…With version 2.0, we can now enjoy ‘large world maps, multi-crew ships, seamless first person combat, missions and much more.’ In what is being called their biggest update to Star Citizen yet, most of what we were able to do and pushing to do as a community in version 1.3 is now ready for action with the latest update.

Featuring full integration in the larger ships like the Cutlass class and above, all ships available for testing can support your full crew of team mates without having to glitch your way through the windshield. In the vast expanse of space we can now experience true PVP combat as well. Stepping into the new Port Olistar zone, players will begin in their bunks and move outward into the first playable end-game experience.”

The complete Star Citizen game hasn’t actually been officially released, but the updates and current unfinished game are provided for crowd funding contributors to play.  The game has much to offer and will probably get better when it is finished.

Earlier this month, the Star Citizen 2.0 trailer was revealed at the VGX awards show.  Star Wars actor Mark Hamill will make an appearance in the final game.  Star Citizen looks fantastic.  Unfortunately, the final version will not release on consoles, but it will release on PC in 2016.

Here are some videos of Star Citizen 2.0, commentary describing the features in Star Citizen, and a Star Citizen interview with Mark Hamill:

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