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Sri Ganganagar Priest Burned to Death while tied to tree

Earlier this week police were drawn to the scene of a gruesome crime when they got a call from some locals tipping them off about a possible murder that had occurred earlier that night.

When police arrived on scene late last night they found the remains of a man who is said to be a 50 year old priest from the local temple. The state in which the police found it however, was not what they were hoping for. The older man was found tied to a tree and burned.

Police quickly got the man to hospital where he was pronounced dead by hospital staff.

This gruesome event happened late last night in the Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan by unknown attackers. Police however, were able to obtain a cellphone that was left at the scene of the crime and people are currently examining it. Police have currently registered a case against people, whom have chosen not to identify, and have said that their reason behind the killing will become much clearer once these people have been identified.

The priest who has been pronounced dead was the priest of Shani Temple, located in Ghadsana, the same area where his body was found tied to the tree.

Police also mentioned that the priest had been living in the area with his wife and child, both, who are now husband-less and fatherless.

It is still unknown why someone would want to burn the priest and why they would pick this particular area. Police are still looking into the case and are hoping that the cellphone found at the scene will help in aiding their search.

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