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Spring 2016 North American Release for Pokken Tournament Video Game and Controller for WiiU

Pokken Tournament will arrive in 2016 for  WiiU and arcade release.  Made by Namco, Pokken Tournament  is similar to the 3d fighting game Tekken, but with pokemon characters fighting instead.  Traditionally Pokemon videogames and card games have been turn based strategy games. Aside from Super Smash Bros.  Pokken tournament may be the first time players will get to experience pokemon characters fighting in real time with quick action moves.   Ign reports that WiiU consumers in Japan will be able to purchase a bundle with a special controller for the game.  It has been announced that the controller will be available in North America, as well.

Seth G. Macy from IGN reported the following:

“If you want to play Pokken Tournament on your Wii U, while remaining pure to the arcade control scheme, you’re in luck. The specialized Pokken Tournament controller from HORI will be available in the west.

While there’s no product image for the controller on the site currently, Amazon has it listed for a March 16 release and you can pre-order it now  for just $25….

….Anyone who picks up the game at launch will get a card to unlock Shadow Mewtwo. The card will work in the same way as the Animal Crossing cards, using the NFC tech found in amiibo.”

Engadget describes what makes this controller unique.

“...the controller is designed to mimic the arcade version of Pokken Tournament with the “ZL” and “ZR” buttons placed on its face instead of on the back like traditional Wii U controllers.”

Fighting games have a competitive following.  For many gamers who participate in ‘e-sports’  a proper controller or fight stick is very important to help them compete in video game tournaments.  The Pokken controller will also be a wired only controller that connects to the USB port on the WiiU.   Wireless controllers can have signal interruptions, show latency and become unresponsive at random times.  Like the wired controller support for Super Smash Bros.,  The Pokken controller may guarantee fair competition where each player’s controller will remain responsive the entire time.

Here is a video from a Pokken Tournament competition from earlier this year.

Here is a documentary that gives a glimpe of what e-sport competition is like:


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