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SPECTRE surpasses U.K. box office records

From way back in the early 1960s in the James Bond film Dr. No, James Bond sat beside Dr. No at the dining room table while Dr. No revealed details to Bond about the secret organization called Spectre.  He said Spectre stands for ‘Special Executive for Counter intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion.’

The new film called Spectre, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, doesn’t have Spectre villains like Dr. Julius No or Ernst Stavro Blofeld anymore, but it does have a new villain named Franz Oberhauser from the James Bond Novels.

Since its release on October 26, Spectre has surpassed movie box office records in the U.K.

Alex Osborn from IGN reported the following statistics about Spectre:

“Across the six territories in which it debuted, SPECTRE earned a whopping $80.4 million. In the United Kingdom specifically, the latest 007 film pulled in an estimated £41.7 million ($63.8 million USD) during its first seven days.

As such, SPECTRE not only eclipsed Skyfall‘s seven-day record gross, but also managed to dethrone Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as the biggest opening in the nation’s box office history.”

Brent Lang from Variety reported the following Spectre statistics for other parts of Europe:

“The coverage didn’t hurt “Spectre” globally. In the Netherlands, “Spectre” left audiences shaken and stirred, picking up $3.9 million. The film added a further $12.7 million to its haul across the Nordic region, while setting new opening records in Finland and Norway, and establishing a new high-water mark in Denmark for the biggest three-day opening of all time with $4.2 million. In Sweden, the film generated nearly $3 million.

The picture also established a new Imax record, nabbing the highest per-location average in company history with $105,000 in 47 theaters. It made $5 million from Imax locations.

Filmed at a cost of $250 million with millions more spent on marketing, “Spectre” needs to be a box office juggernaut if it wants to be profitable. It also has big shoes to fill. “Skyfall,” the previous film in the series, was the highest-grossing 007 chapter in history, nearly doubling “Casino Royale’s” $599 million worldwide haul. It was also the first film in franchise history to cross $1 billion.”

Producers must feel a lot of pressure because so much money is involved making Bond films or other AAA movies like these.  Let’s hope it does well financially and let’s hope it’s a good film.  For North America, the film will be out in theatres on November 6.

Here is a YouTube video from IGN of an interview with the cast of SPECTRE.


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