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Special Band to Extend Apple Watch Life

Everyone has hit that frustrating point with their technology. Whether it is a laptop, cell phone, handheld gaming devices or whatever, everyone has run into the issue of having too little battery life. What the solution to this? Well, most people end up having to bring their device chargers with them if they want to use them for an extended period of time. What if there was another way? What if you did not have to scurry around wherever you are looking for power outlet? Well, it seems that a third party is one of few to come up with a solution.

As many of you know, recently the apple Iwatch was released. Sounds great right? Yes it does! But there is one draw back to it. As a watch, since people rely on them for the time all day, you think it would have an obscenely long battery life right? Well, it turns out that since the Iwatch is so powerful, the device only lasts a mere eighteen hours, meaning that the owner of it will need to charge it daily in order to use it daily. A third party however, has worked to change this. They have developed a band that attaches perfectly to the watch, which has the potential to extend the life of the device by up to thirty hours, which would nearly triple the battery life of the watch. The band will cost approximately two hundred and fifty dollars.

I applaud this third party for coming up with such an invention, and I also applaud Mophie I believe the name of the company is, who created a case for the Iphone which is able to be charged so that when your battery dies, you can turn on the case and make it last much longer. These advanced devices are great, but people are becoming more and more dependent on these devices for certain functions and battery life is becoming an issue, due to the amount of functions that these devices are capable of. Hopefully Apple and other companies will continue to come up with, release and bring forth new technology that extends the life of these handy devices.

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