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Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the winner of Black Friday, statistics show

Sony’s PlayStation 4 came out on top in sales numbers, according to marketing researchers. Infoscout reported the statistics.  William Usher from Cinema Blend reported the following:

“During the Black Friday sales rush, the Millennials really kicked their purchasing power into top gear. According to Infoscout, the Xbox only managed 32% of the market share, where-as Nintendo dropped to 19% and PlayStation came out the winner with 48% of the pie among the 18 through 35 crowd. The middle aged group took a very different approach to their buying habits, with the Xbox taking a 37% piece of the market share, while Nintendo settled at 30% and the PlayStation evened out at 33%.”



Alex Osborn from IGN reported the following additional stats from Infoscout:

“InfoScout also reports PlayStation 4 was the top-selling item (in dollar sales) at Best Buy during Black Friday. Based on over 150,000 receipts captured on mobile devices, the PS4 500GB Uncharted console bundle was the retailer’s biggest money maker.”


Keep in mind that the battle is not over, as Cyber Monday results still remain to be seen.

Also in the long term, Xbox could improve its sales, especially when great games like Quantum Break release.

Additionally, the Nintendo NX is rumored to come out 2016 or 2017, and if it appeals to consumers, it might just surpassPs4 and XboxOne in profit and sales.

I am surprised that PS4 is selling so well. After all, most of the game lineup is mediocre or good at best.

The real great games have barely arrived.  The only two games that come close to greatness are Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V. Sony’s Slogan “Greatness Awaits” is backwards; the truth is that fans are waiting for greatness that probably will not arrive till late 2016 at the earliest.

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