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Sony President Attends EGX Video Game Event in UK

The President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) attended the EGX video game conference in UK to answer questions about SCE and PlayStation.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation One home console release. During the Question and Answer (Q&A) interview, president Shuhei Yoshida, or Yoshida-san, mentioned that the successor to the Sony’s hand-held console, PlayStation Vita, will not be released anytime soon.

Also at the event, Yoshida discussed the history of PlayStation and his role in developing hardware for the company.   He also answered audience questions and talked a bit about the future of PlayStation.

You can see the interview video below with Shuhei Yoshida, from the EGX video game event.  The video starts around the 10 minute mark, so you’ll need to scroll forward.

PSP Vita has been very popular worldwide but I wonder how much longer it will be until we see the next hand held system. With rumours that Nintendo will soon  release its next system, the Nintendo NX, as a hand-held system, perhaps Sony will have to release something new to compete with Nintendo.

Personally, I find the hand-held systems underwhelming in graphics and game play features. Vita in particular, has the video game quality of something in between Ps2 and Ps3. Since Vita came out in early 2012, six years after the Ps3, I was expecting that the graphics and games to be higher quality than Ps3.

It’s an impressive feat that such a small piece of hardware like the Vita has as much graphical power as it does; but aside from the Vita’s portability and innovative controls, I find most Vita games feel 5-10 years out of date.

On the other hand, I loved the game Tearaway on the Vita, but I was also disappointed that Vita does not support TV screen connectivity.

In my mind, the ideal video game console of the future will have the ability to connect to a TV or to play it mobile on its own small screen; in addition, it should  surpasses all previous consoles in game play and graphical power.  The only console that comes close to this ideal is the WiiU because of its dual screen capability.

Ideally, the future of gaming should include the portable hand-held console and the home console as the same device, rather than separate devices like the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4

Hosted by Virgin and located Mobile in Birmingham, England, The EGX Video Game event will continue from  September 24-27 2015.  You can find the website here



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