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Sony Maintaining Lead Over Xbox One

Last week I wrote a bunch of pieces on how the Xbox One was adding a bunch of new features to their console, such as backwards capability and a custom controller, and that Sony, it’s rival in gaming sales would soon be in the dust despite it being in the lead with their release, the play station four. However, with one more exciting update coming to Microsoft’s console, it seems that Sony has had enough and is finally matching them on this one.

Recently, Microsoft announced that they would be releasing a new version of their console which would support one thousand gigabytes of space. Sony has finally put their foot down and stated that they will also release a console that will support the same amount of free space. For any of you that are not that technologically savvy, one thousand gigabytes is an absurd amount of space. That kind of capacity allows a gamer to store many more saved games, music, videos, social media and much more. To put it in perspective, think about how much your smart phone can hold in terms of information. That phone at most probably has a storage capacity of sixty four gigabytes. Now nearly double that. Yeah.

I own a Sony play station three, so I guess you can say that I am a Sony fan. That does not matter here really. What I care about the most is that these companies are willing to compete with each other in order to produce a product that will entertain their customer more. I also really applaud Sony for this, because unlike some products out there, they did not stand by and think “Well the customer better like it, because this is the way it is and it is not changing”. These are the kinds of attitudes that kill companies that are doing well. Hopefully the rivalry continues, and Sony does what it can to keep up with the updates that Microsoft is producing.

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