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Sony Announces Ps4 Price Drop and Reveals Upcoming Games

During the Sony Press Conference at Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a price cut to the PlayStation 4. The cut only applies to Japan, so far. The new sale price will tale effect on October 1, 2015 at a price of 34,980 yen (approximately $293 Us dollars).

The current  price of 39,980 yen (approximately $332 Us dollars) and the new one are much less compared to North America. In the U.S, PS4 is selling for $399, and sometimes $349 on discount. Meanwhile, in Canada the prices are around $449 or $399 is you shop hard enough.

The exchange rate between U.S and Canada is likely to blame for the $50 higher Canadian price. Right now,  the exchange rate is approximately 75 Canadian cents for every 1 American dollar. Still, It is a bit disappointing that North American residents are stuck paying higher prices at the stores compared to Japan.

But will North America also see PS4 price drops soon? Maybe not. Pavel Alpeyev and Grace Huang from www.bloomberg.com wrote,

“The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One since each model was released in late 2013. Sony will have sold 34 million machines by the end of this year, compared with 20 million Xbox Ones, according to researcher IHS Inc.

‘The impression is that domestic sales were relatively weak compared with overseas,” said Ayada of Daiwa. “PlayStation is in the lead abroad, so no need to cut prices there unless Xbox makes the first move.’  “

Since PlayStation 4 sells so well, one might say a price cut in Japan is also unnecessary and current sales show that customers are willing to pay more.

Kyle Orland from Arstechnica.com has an explanation as to why Sony cut the price:

“Still, the PlayStation 4 is struggling in Japan with regard to one key comparison: the PlayStation 3. While the PS4 has sold about 1.66 million consoles in Japan so far, the PS3 had already sold about 2.15 million Japanese units at the same point in its lifecycle. Those numbers reflect a general slackening of the home console market in Japan across the board this generation; Microsoft and Nintendo have also been unable to keep up with past console sales rates in the country.

In that kind of market, where consoles are generally less popular, it makes sense that Sony might want to jumpstart PS4 sales a bit with a price drop. Things seem different in the West, though; across console generations, GameStop says both the PS4 and Xbox One are doing relatively better than their predecessors in the US, meaning there would be little internal pressure to try to increase domestic sales performance.”

Otherwise, at the conference Sony showed off many new game titles to be released in 2016. Most were Japanese developed games. PlayStation VR, Sony’s virtual reality headset was shown off a bit too.

Also, Sony showed off new coloured versions for the PS4 that can be bought on the Sony Store. They also showed four new coloured versions of the PS4 controller Gold, Silver, Steel Black and Crystal.

Did they show The Last Guardian? No, they did not. Tokyo game show will continue until Sunday September 20, 2015. I hope in the coming days we will get to see more games including The Last Guardian (the most intriguing and magical looking video game one of the bunch).

Click below on the first video to see the press conference with all the game trailers. Check out the other two videos if you don’t know and wish to know what The Last Guardian is.


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