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Snoop Tweets About “Science Project” Caitlyn Jenner

Snoop Dogg hits a new low with what many are seeing as a transphobic Instagram post.

What was the post? It was a meme of Akon with a comment saying:

“Shout out to Akon! He is about to supply 600 million africans with solar power. Im really upset that this isn’t major news but that science project bruce jenner is #Society.”

And then the caption read: “News flash. @akon tune in to ggn for some real news.”

It’s all very high school. Akon actually is doing great work that is deserving of attention. He’s running an initiative called Akon Lighting Africa which aims to give sustainable living options to people living in African countries.

But his work and contribution to society doesn’t take away from Caitlyn Jenner’s bravery. Maybe Snoop needs to educate himself a bit more about the struggles of the trans community. According to the Williams Institute survey the suicide rate for trans or gender non-conforming people is 41%. The biggest factor in that percentage? Support or lack thereof. Caitlyn Jenner might not be interesting to Snoop, but her bravery may have given courage to someone considering taking their own life.

Snoop was right to give Akon a shout out. Spreading love, compassion and knowledge is something worth celebrating. But to follow up that shout out with language of hate is extremely insensitive and renders the first part of his meme meaningless.

The forty-three year old rapper received a slew of criticism from fans who found his meme to be completely distasteful and rude.

  • “You guys are absolute idiots. Newsflash to you @snoopdogg, most people are not old stoners and are actually capable of caring and eventually helping more than one cause at the time… You are disgusting”
  • “Disgusting. Why is there a need to bash someone in order to applaud someone else?”
  • “Just deleted all your music off my iTunes”
  • “You have no respect for trans people so I have no respect for you. What Akon is doing is heroic, but that does not need to be used to denounce Caitlyn’s heroism. Coming out on such a huge scale has inspired so many LGBTQ people, so f—k you Snoop, that not a science project.”
  • “You just lost a fan. What a loser you are”

So, Snoop. You may have been trying to win Akon a bit more attention, but it looks as though you may have just lost fans and their respect instead.

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