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Snoop Dog to Play at Movement Electronic Music Festival as DJ Snoopadelic

It shouldn’t be news that Snoop Lion, er, Snoopzilla, I mean Snoop Dogg is in no shortage of alter-egos, but it is news that he is bringing one back for the upcoming Detroit music festival known as Movement.  The 43 year old rapper will be appearing at the EDM festival as DJ Snoopadelic, headlining alongside Detroit’s own Danny Brown, the British duo Disclosure, and many more.  The festival has announced 74 performers so far, with more names to be disclosed later.

Created in 2012 shortly after his Jamaican ‘reincarnation’, Snoop’s DJ moniker – inspired by popular 70’s band Funkadelic – is reportedly a callback to the music he grew up with.  “DJ Snoopadelic gives me a chance to play all the different kinds of music I like for the people. They are all different extentions of my personality – it’s not like a Superman/Clark Kent thing. I love DJing and I thought it would be something cool to do for everyone to come out to. I always keep my sword sharp. I call on my guys like FredWreck sometimes to get some game too.” he told Vibe magazine.

Later in a keynote interview during this year’s South By Southwest music conference, he remembered his mother being a huge influence on his musical preference:

“I think it started in the ’70s with my mom playing music, having parties at the house […] She would definitely play, like, Isley Brothers, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, she would play everything that felt good. I heard everything. There was nothing I didn’t hear. I heard all of the good music.  Then she had records — Richard Pryor, Rudy Ray Moore, the records I wasn’t supposed to listen to, but I listened to those, too.”

Don’t think that this means Snoop will only be bringing classic funk to an EDM-oriented festival though, as the acclaimed hip-hop artist also prides himself on staying current with trends both as a musician and for the sake of his DJ sets.

“I keep my ear to the street and I keep my feet to the pavement, I always pay attention to what’s going on in the industry I’m in, whether it’s the new talent, the old talent, what’s hot, what’s not, what’s in, what’s out.”  Snoop maintains that whether its Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, or DJ Snoopadelic, his primary goal is making music that’s ‘banging’ and timeless.


With last year’s festival bringing in over 107,000 people, there is little doubt that this year’s will be three huge days of non-stop partying.

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