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Smoking Habits Before Quitting Still Affect You 15 Years Later

For anyone who has quit smoking successfully, good. I am extremely proud of you. While I do not understand the habit fully because I do not smoke cigarettes,  I have seen what kind of stages people who are severely addicted can go through, and if you are or were anywhere close to that, I am impressed to say the least that you were able to push through. For those who quit for good though, they probably do not think about the consequences of smoking much at all after a certain period of time, and rightfully so. However, depending on how bad your habit was during it’s peak, you may still be subject to the side effects of it almost twenty years later.

Studies show that those smoked “moderately” and have quit for fifteen years straight are able to live lives similar to if not the same as those who never smoked in the first place. However, the heavier smokers are not so lucky. Those who smoked heavily, meaning a pack a day for thirty two years straight or more, are still very well subjected to the harmful side effects of smoking even after quitting and staying clean for fifteen years. The study was performed by selecting individuals and placing them in groups such as “never smokers” “moderate smokers” and “heavy smokers” and watching their health for the next decade or so. After taking into consideration other factors that would affect the health of these people, the results showed that the heavier smokers experienced and were more likely to experience many more hardships health wise due to their smoking than the other groups.

To me, the results of this study seems rather obvious. I say this because while it is rather alarming that cigarettes are so bad for us that they can still have effects on us fifteen years after quitting, it should not be a surprise to anyone that someone who indulged more in the habit during their time of doing it will have to deal with the more likely good of dealing with health problems because of it later on.

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