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Skype experiencing severe technical issues

Microsoft’s Skype is the most well known and popular web chat and VOIP service. With a stunning estimate of 300 million active users one might assume the application is too big to fail.

As of this morning however, users worldwide have had trouble logging in. A Skype engineer has released a statement explaining the extent of the problem. “If you’re signed in to Skype, you will not be able to change your status and your contacts will all show as offline even if they are online. As a result, you won’t be able to start Skype calls to them” He says.

Skype employee Leonas Sendrauskas also adds “A small number of messages to group chats are not being delivered” however not all is lost as “in most cases you can still instant message your contacts.”

You may also notice that changes to your credit balance and profile details are taking longer to come into effect than usual. Furthermore you could experience trouble loading web pages through the use of Skype.

It is unclear as to whether the bugs today are a result of the Skype software itself or an attempted hack on the Skype servers, however Skype promises a fix to the problem as soon as possible.


One positive thing to have come from this is the inflow of funny and satirical tweets taking place on twitter under the tag #SkypeDown.

“With , I wonder how many startups are learning that it’s a good idea to have a backup videochat service in place. ” – says Jason Mashak.

Whilst Daytona adds “Oh no is offline. Quick, fix things before people find out there’s better solutions out there.

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