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William Hudson, age 33

Six dead in Texas campsite attack; neighbor charged with murder

Authorities are investigating the deaths of six individuals found at two separate crime scenes in Anderson County, Texas.

Police responded to a call on Sunday morning regarding a potential shooting at a campsite. When they arrived on scene they discovered two bodies in a travel trailer, said Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor during a statement on Monday.

Shortly after, police apprehended and arrested William Hudson, 33, who was an initial suspect of the gruesome crime. He has been charged with one count of murder, and his bond has been set at $2.5 million. However, Taylor has also said that authorities expect more charges to be laid as the investigation unfolds.

On Monday, the bodies of three adult males and a young boy were found in a pond behind Hudson’s house, which is located by the campsite.

The deceased have been identified as Tom Kamp and his sons Austin and Nathan; Kamp’s fiancee, Hannah Johnson; her father, Carl; and her 6-year-old son, Kade.

Hudson was apprehended and arrested at his mother’s house, which was next door to his own. No additional suspects are being sought out. Investigators say that the motive behind the crime is unclear as Hudson apparently has no affiliation with the family.

Taylor described the horrific event in an interview with Fox News as being like “something from a horror film.”

Kamp had reportedly bought the property in August, and he would camp out there several weekends each month. This final trip was supposed to only last from Saturday to Sunday.

Cynthia Johnson, wife of Carl Johnson, was also present at the time of the attacks but managed to escape and call 911. Spokesman Steve Woodruff says that Johnson is currently in recovery at the hospital. “She is doing okay… It is going to be a long process for her,” he said.

Woodruff described Kamp and his fiancee as “good parents, good adults” and “good community members.”

“I think with time comes acceptance. There is no way you can steel yourself for this kind of tragedy,” Woodruff explained.






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