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Siri search is coming to Apple Music on Apple TV

Apple TV is adding music to Siri’s search abilities!

The 2015 edition of Apple TV comes with Siri voice assistance to help look for items via voice. But it is pretty much limited to looking for movies, TV shows and some other content.

However, beginning early next year, Apple TV users will be able to press that button for Siri on their remote controls to search for songs, albums and artists accessible through Apple Music. Apple confirmed the news with BuzzFeed Thursday.

Early Apple TV reviewers have said that Siri’s universal search is actually its best feature, according to MacWorld, since it allows users to find content across multiple services without needing to remember which one has what. Users can search through several Siri-supported services such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO and the iTunes Store. Once Apple Music is added into the mix, maybe other music streaming services, like Pandora, will join in.

The coolest part about Siri’s current video search is that you can narrow your requests easily. And, if you aren’t sure what you want to watch, you can say “Show me funny TV shows” or “Show me animated family movies and just the new ones,” CNET reports. So once music is added, you may be able to make requests like “Play the top 10 pop songs” or “Play the top song from 1992.” Siri already works like that on iOS 9 devices, so it should be able to do the same on Apple TV.

Also, you can tell a show or movie to fast-forward or rewind a number of seconds or minutes without touching anything. How crazy is that?  You can also ask for information about a particular film or show (name of director, name of actors, etc.) and Siri will put the information on the screen for you.

Just think about what this could do for music listeners! Too bad users have to wait until next year.

Adding Siri to Apple Music could help the service bring in more subscribers, as streaming music services continue to compete for listeners. Currently, Apple TV has 6.5 million subscribers.

The new Apple TV costs $150 for the 32-gigabyte version and $200 for the 64GB version.

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