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Siri Becomes Even More Capable

Looking back at the past twenty five or so years, technology has made revolutionary progress in terms of speed, efficiency, portability, and many other aspects. The question is, can we keep on pushing it? And if so, how far? It seems that the answer to this first question is yes, but this next story leaves the second question unanswered, potentially for a very long time. Smartphones are becoming more and more efficient. You can call people as always, send text messages, emails, check regularly on your social media, listen to music, and go to an online store where you can download just about any application you would need for whatever task that leaves you stumped. Even if you cannot find any of these applications or features for whatever reason, for Apple’s newer Iphones, you are able to bring out a feature called Siri, a voice controlled application where you simply tell it what you need or want to do, and it brings it up on the screen for you. What If I told you that the next step was controlling more powerful things like controlling your household appliances through your smartphones?

Well believe it, because sooner or later this powerful software will hit the markets. Apple has announced the product “homekit”, which will allow appliances, door locks, thermostats and other devices around a typical house to be controlled through Siri by having computer chips placed inside of them. While the actual homekit has not been released yet, the appliances with the computer chips inside of them have been. Other companies such as Google, Microsoft and Samsung are racing toward making software capable of such power as well, in order to avoid being swept off the market by Apple.

I like the idea of this and the efficiency behind it, but I am glad that Apple has not released the actual homekit yet, and I have some valid reasons behind that. For example, we all know that Siri is not a perfect application, and makes mistakes in it’s voice recognition. I am pretty sure that everyone who has used an application that has voice recognition on it has experienced at least one time where what they said was not at all recognized correctly. My biggest fear with something like that is having Siri control a very powerful appliance in the house, such as the oven. Imagine someone Requesting Siri to preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees, but due to some factor, be it someone in the background, the accent of the speaker, or an error in the voice recognition, Siri hears the number five hundred and fifty instead. Now picture what happens to the food in the oven. If left for too long, this could very well  lead to it burning and the start an unexpected house fire. It seems unlikely, but nothing is impossible. Hopefully after some extremely thorough testing, this product will be for sale on the market.

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