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Siblings Rarely Share Allergies

It would only seem to make sense that when feeding one child something and they show a reaction to it, to not feed the other child it in fear of them having a reaction as well. A new study reveals that this caution is probably unnecessary, and that siblings sharing allergies is highly unlikely.

An allergist speaking from the University of Michigan, Dr. Matthew Greenhawt, says if one child presents a reaction to a food item it is likely that the parent will, unnecessarily, get tests done on the other child to ensure that they don’t have the same allergy. He cautions that these tests are rarely able to accurately predict allergies in a body that has yet to ingest the particular allergen.

Out of 1,120 children studied, 53 percent displayed a sensitivity, but no more than 13 percent had a real allergy. The difference here is that an allergy can be life-threatening, where as a sensitivity just produces mild discomfort in the body.

It is important to keep in mind that it is unlikely that siblings share allergies. Be cautious about jumping to an allergy test due to high probability of it being incorrect. It is better to treat the allergies of children as separate, and not assume that just because one child is allergic to something, the other will be.

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