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Shia LaBeouf Delivers What May Be The Most Intense Motivational Speech of All Time

It seems that recently, Shia LaBeouf has fell in love with meta-modernism.  That is to say, he’s become infatuated with doing strange performance art in public in the pursuit of questioning the very idea of art.  Older such work include wearing a paper bag over his head reading “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” at a movie premiere, and live-streaming his heart beat.  Now he’s teamed up with artists Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkkö again and the graduating fine arts class of Central Saint Martins in London.

However the inspirational video that’s gaining traction is only the tip of the nonsensical iceberg.  The full project is called ‘#INTRODUCTIONS’ and it consists of Shia introducing each student’s year-end work.  39 students each gave LaBeouf some directions for what to do or say in their very short introductory video, which are supposed to relate to their final, and the acclaimed actor performed their scripts in front of a green screen.  The directions detail whether Shia should be sitting or standing, what he should say, and how he should say it.  Scripts range from a conversational monologue about jellyfish to tearful rants.  The students were then invited to send a piece of text to introduce their projects at the ceremonies, and given the opportunity to add whatever they wanted to the green screen, according to Dazed.  The full collection of all his introductions ended up being around 30 minutes long, and the raw compilation can be seen here:

But the graduation was only the beginning now that all of this ridiculous footage, green screen and all, has been uploaded to the internet.  I think Shia knows that, and I for one can’t wait to see what kind of creative ways people across the web implement Shia into their own projects.  Watch the motivational speech by itself here.


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