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She aint in Checotah Anymore

Earlier this year in one of my YouTube trances that we are all so guilty of, I came across Carrie Underwood’s audition clip for American Idol (back in 2005, if you can believe it).

Those faded wash jeans, natural curls, adorable spunk, and of course- that voice won over the hearts of the judges and America. But right from the beginning, it wasn’t hard to see that singing her little heart out was exactly what Underwood was born to do.

Ten years and tens of thousands in album sales later the farm girl from Checotah, Oklahoma is now the most honoured artist in the history of the CMT Music Awards (that adds up to 13 honking belt buckles she has at home). Back in her Idol days, Simon Cowell predicted that not only would Carrie win the entire competition, but she would sell more records than any other American Idol winner. This probably even remains true to today, as she cleaned up with three CMT Music Awards last Wednesday, June 10th in Nashville, Tennessee.

Carrie took home Female Video & Video of the Year for “Something In The Water” as well as Collaborative Video of the Year “Somethin’ Bad” with her partner in crime, Miranda Lambert. This was Underwood’s first awards show since the birth of her son, Isaiah but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. (When was the kid born? Because she looked fantastic.) Fans are no strangers to Carrie’s faith, as she expresses it through her music, from her son’s biblical naming to her always fierce but never too risky outfit choices. She is a regular Lee Ann Womack when it comes to proving that classy is sexy. Underwood has perfect balance in almost everything she does.

Originally hearing “Something In The Water” on the radio, I was unsure about her “Amazing Grace” harmony. The video completely fixed that for me, and as someone who doesn’t identify as overly religious, I enjoyed the video, and it’s a dang catchy song. Without being too “shove-my-beliefs-down-your-throat-preachy” the song is just another example of how creative this artist really is, and her greater love of music. The same is to be said about the interpretive dancers in the video, who carried (HA!?) just the right level of emotion in their dance, and did not take it too over the top.

Now, If there is anything I love more than a good girl power grove for my morning routine, it’s most definitely a collaboration of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. This film-credit-style of video has really taken off, not just in country music. (“Bad Blood”, anyone?) The end result was a sassy and fun music video that I imagine used a fair amount of hairspray. With just the right about of cheese, “real life Thelma & Louise” prove time and time again that little girls can have big voices (and hair).



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