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Sharks in North Carolina to be Euthanized?

It is difficult to hear and unfortunate to deal with for most people, but while swimming in oceans and seas is a fun luxury for countless people going on vacation, there is always a risk to account for when they step in the water.

In North Carolina, two life threatening shark attacks left two people with amputated limbs. Because of this, North Carolina officials are ready to euthanize any shark shown exhibiting aggressive behavior too close to people.

In my opinion, I simply do not agree with something as dumb as this because of how irresponsible and ignorant it is. First off, what exactly is going to be considered “aggressive behavior”? Second, are we forgetting that these large bodies of water are sharks’ home before they are ours to swim in? Third, this process would likely make sharks an endangered if not extinct species, as sharks are rather aggressive in nature. Yes it is unfortunate that these children lost limbs during an activity that is supposed to bring enjoyment to them, but it just happened to be a very unlucky incident, as sharks do not usually reside in waist deep waters. The best option in my opinion would be to put up a sign telling people to swim at their own risk. There is no sense in putting lifeguards on duty to save people from shark attacks. Saving someone drowning is one issue, but to send someone into water to save somebody else from a sea creature that could very well devour them both? Foolish. I really do hope that that sign is put up and people are then warned about the risk they are taking, even if the risk of getting hurt is extremely rare.

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