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Share 30-second music clips on Facebook’s app with ‘Music Stories’

Facebook introduced “Music Stories” to the world Thursday, which allows people to listen to previews of songs or albums from different music services without having to switch from app to app.

In other words, users can sample 30-second song clips that their friends and family post to Facebook from services like iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. The clip can be streamed directly from users’ feeds, and they can even click on a link to purchase or add the music to their Apple Music or Spotify playlists.

This new kind of post is called a “Music Story.”

So what about people who don’t use Apple Music or Spotify? Don’t worry. Apple has promised that more music services should be added soon.

“There are few things people love more than music. People find out about it from artists and friends alike, and they love to share their discoveries. Today we are enabling better music discovery and sharing on Facebook.

We hope by making this experience better, artists will share more, friends will share and engage more, and music will become a better part of the Facebook experience overall,” Michael Cerda, director of product, said.

This new feature is not surprising considering Facebook has heavily invested in fast-loading Instant Articles and video in the past to keep people engaged, Wired reports. And giving people the ability to sample songs and let them save or buy those longs without leaving Facebook should help too!

Facebook has added iPhone-oriented updates in the past month like Instant Articles as well as a new Notifications tab. It looks like they are trying to be a one shop stop for everything media!

The company has also tried to work on problems associated with iOS battery life. Because for some, the Facebook app has been the one of the No. 1 leading causes of battery drain on their phones.

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