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Self Defense Classes and Sexually Assaulted Women

The following topic is extremely sensitive for many people. Some people are uncomfortable with the word, some have had to comfort family members who have experienced it, and there are the many unfortunate people, predominantly women, who experience rape. It’s wrong, and should never happen. Although it is a lot more likely to happen in other countries and makes Canada’s incidents seem non existent or extremely low, it still happens everywhere, and that is something that the victim has to deal with for the rest of their lives. Some are strong enough to overcome it and not let the scary incident control their lives, but many go into states of shock, depression, the feeling of being helpless and many other horrible after effects. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Classes which have the intent of protecting women from the horrible act, and they are proven to be effective.

Research was done by analyzing what goes on in self defense classes regarding sexual assault on women in three Canadian Universities, and what kind of information is displayed in brochures offered to people to read about protecting themselves. Women in these programs were given physical tactics to be used if they find themselves in that situation, awareness cues which help them identify what a man’s intentions are when they are seen, and they even went as far as informing them and reinforcing their thoughts on how valuable they found their bodies, sexuality, values and rights. The results of this study showed that there was a forty six percent decrease in the amount of rape crimes on the women, and a sixty three percent decrease in the amount of attempted rapes for the women who enrolled and followed through with the program.

I am extremely happy that these programs exist. What makes me even more joy filled about this story is that it shows that there are differences in when people take these programs. I can only imagine how many people who could have used the information in these programs and employed it in their unfortunate situation. Rape is a disgusting crime, and the people who perform these acts are simply unaware of what kind of emotional damage is done to someone when they do it. Or worse, maybe they do, and they were one of those who were unable to come out and admit it, so they go around doing it to other people so they can feel the same things they do. I do not know, and I will probably never understand that mentality. For those who are scared or are afraid to come out and admit that they have been raped, I understand that I have not been through the same situation by any means, but for the sake of your fellow peers, I highly encourage you to find the braveness inside of you to come out and tell the world what has happened. Think of it this way, if you do not say anything, that same monster of a person could very likely be going around and sexually assaulting women and leaving them in the same situation you are, and that is not right.

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