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See what’s happening in the new ‘Point Break’ trailer

Warner Bros. has officially released the new Point Break trailer inspired by the 1991 hit starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Yes, they already made this movie on surfboards, but this one is filled with much more than that. Get ready to see a team scaling mountains with their bare hands, racing from an avalanche on bike, breaking through windows, skydiving through loads of money and more.

Kathryn Bigelow’s original film is being made to follow a different FBI agent, played by November Man‘s Luke Bracey, and an extreme sports team. In addition, Zero Dark Thirty’s Edgar Ramirez is taking over Swayze’s spot alongside Teresa Palmer, Delroy Lindo, Ray Winstone and director Ericson Core.

Though the new film does not feature the late Swayze or Reeves, it does feature some original cast members. James Le Gros, who originally played Roach, can now be seen as the head of the FBI instructing Bracey’s character Johnny Utah on how to handle the situation. And according to IMDb, Bojesse Christopher will appear in the remake as the FBI director. Christopher originally played Grommet, or Bodhi’s little brother.

The plot is a little different from the original in that the criminals are extreme sports junkies attempting to “liberate” gold and cash from what they think are corrupt institutions, according to ABC News. Utah is a young FBI agent who infiltrates a team of elite adventurists suspected of pulling off crimes and masterminding a series of heists in unusual ways. Deep undercover, Utah tries to prove that the team is responsible for the crimes.

Core directed the film from a screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer (responsible for Law Abiding Citizen). The film is full of stunt athletes including surfers Laird Hamilton and Makua Rothman, snowboards Louis Vito and Christian Haller, skateboarders Eric Koston and Bob Burnquist, motorcyclist Riley Harper, wingsuit stunt pilot Julian Boulle, free climber Chris Shara and many others.

Alcon Entertainment’s fast-paced, action-packed adrenaline rush of a film is scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 25.

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