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Second Movie Theatre Shooting in Two Weeks Hits Nashville

Another movie theatre shooting has occured, this time in Nashville. A man entered a movie theatre in the city on Wednesday, armed with a hatchet, pellet gun and pepper spray. Also in his posession were two backpacks and a surgical mask.

The suspect has been named as Vincent David Montano, 29, or Nashville. Montano entered the theatre showing “Mad Max: Fury Road” and discharged a large amount of pepper spray at the audience. Police officers and SWAT team members shot and killed Montano as he attempted to escape out a back exit.

Three people in the theatre were affected by the spray and treated. One of those individuals also had an injury reportedly caused by the hatchet Montano was carrying. All of those affected were treated at the scene. At the time of the attack, there were seven individuals, plus Montano.

One of the backpacks that Montano was carrying appeared to contain a bomb. After detonating the bag, it was determined that the bomb was fake.

Spokesperson for the police department said, “this individual has had significant psychiatric or psychological issues. He had been committed four times, twice in 2004 and twice in 2008”. Montano has a police record from 2004 related to assault and resisting arrest.

This movie theatre attack is the second in just two weeks. The first occurred in Lafayette when a 59-year-old man opened fire at the theatre, killing two, and then himself.

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