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Neil Lumsden and his daughter Kristin run through Quebec City in the season three premier of Amazing Race Canada. (Photo: CTV)

Season 3 Premier Of The Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race Canada has started its third season!

We’ve got twelve teams from all walks of life. We’ve got fathers and daughters, exes, husbands and wives, brothers, boyfriends and girlfriends, coworkers…the list goes on! And of course lots of careers represented too from military to dancers and zamboni drivers. So what are they all fighting for?


  • A quarter of a million dollars
  • Joining the Amazing Race Canada Hall of Fame
  • A year of travel for two in business class anywhere air Canada flies
  • Two 2015 Chevrolet Colorados
  • Gas for life from Petro Canada

Alright, let’s stop there to give fair warning for spoilers! If you haven’t watched the premier episode already, go do it!




The race started out in Quebec City where contestants were each given individual combinations to one specific bike lock which they then had to find and open. Once unlocked, the teams had to ride their bikes to a ferry which would then take them across the St. Lawrence River to Levis, Quebec. This challenge was mostly luck (one team found their lock on the first attempt – they should go buy a lottery ticket)!

Next the teams had to drive to the airport and head to Toronto. Each car was numbered and those numbers represented the order of flights. The next morning the teams had to do a word puzzle to unscramble some letters and find the location of their next clue.

The clue lead them to a hilarious and deceivingly challenging roadblock. One person from each team had to go into TSN and be a guest sports news broadcaster. They had to introduce themselves and read off of a teleprompter all while looking at the correct cameras.

From there they had to delve right into a water obstacle course. The individual who didn’t do the previous roadblock had to complete this one. It wasn’t a long course but it was taxing for some of the participants – especially those afraid of heights and water!

The final pit stop was center court at the Air Canada Center. The first team to finish was Gino and Jesse, brothers from Hamilton. The last team, who were eliminated, were newly dating couple Elias and Max – sorry guys!

Looks like it’s going to be an exciting season with lots of memorable teams! Be sure to tune in to CTV next week to catch where they’re going next – hint…it might be somewhere in South America!!

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