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Search Continues For Two 14-Year-Olds Missing In The Atlantic Ocean

Thursday, July 30 – The search presses on for the two missing 14-year-olds, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos.

The two teenagers set out on a fishing trip in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday. Officials were called after one of their mothers realized that she had lost communication with the boys. Carly Black, Austin’s mother, last received a text message from him at about 11:30am on Friday which simply said “Checking in” but that was the last she heard from him.

Sunday, their 19-foot boat was discovered capsized 70 miles east of Daytona Beach. It’s speculated that they got caught up in the 35mph winds on Friday and lost control of the boat.

Black says that their sons have lots of experience on the water and believe that their knowledge and expertise will keep them alive until rescued. She stated:

“These boys have been out there doing this forever. It’s not new to them. They prepare for these situations.”

Perry’s dad, Philip, gave an exclusive interview with Local Ten’s Shyann Malone. He choked back tears as he talked about his son. He said:

“I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s out there and he’s alive (…) If anybody can survive this…it’s my son.”

His message to Perry was simple “Stay strong…they’re coming for you”.

Despite rumors of suspending the search, Coast Guards confirm that the search will continue at least into Friday. Thus far, more than 40,000 square miles of ocean have been searched. Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss says that waters from Florida all the way through the Carolina’s have been surveyed and they will carry on combing them tomorrow.

Doss confesses there are no set plans for what will happen a couple days from now. There is no set date for when to call off the search because it’s believed the boys could still be alive. However there is thought being given to what will happen. Regarding suspending the search Captain Mark Fedor stated:

“We are looking at all aspects of the case, but that is something we have to talk about as we move forward.”

Anthony Soto is the Coast Guard spokesman. He said that the length of search and rescue missions vary depending on different variables such as weather, location and water temperature. He reported:

“We don’t have a set time table for Coast Guard searches. Every one is different. There are different factors, different variables. We treat each case with care and consideration.”

Coast guards and air force have all been searching but so have many volunteers. The families has received such a huge outpouring of help from locals that have taken out their private planes and boats to search for the boys.

On Tuesday night in Stuart there was even a vigil held to lift spirits and keep optimistic. Hundreds made it out and let the Cohen and Stephanos families know they aren’t giving up hope either. Perry’s mother said:

“We are 100 percent committed to finding and rescuing those boys … and we will not stop until we get them back home with us. We just feel very, very confident that they will be able to stick through this. They know that we’re coming for them and we will get them.”

Well, everyone is behind them and hoping for the same thing! Stay safe boys and get home soon!

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