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Scott Weiland’s Ex-Wife Writes A Letter About His Death

Last Friday the world lost an incredible artist, Scott Weiland. This week Rolling Stone has released a letter* written by his ex-wife, Mary Forsberg Weiland, which says she felt his loss a long time ago.

Police from Bloomington, Minnesota found Scott’s remains on a tour bus (Friday) where he passed away. His cause of death has yet to be confirmed; however, cocaine was found on the bus with Weiland.

He was just 48 when he passed, but if you ask his family, they would say that he has been “gone” for some time. Mary and Scott have two children together (Noah – 15 and Lucy – 13) and their family struggled through Scott’s substance abuse issues. She told Rolling Stone that they lost Scott long ago and on Friday what they lost was hope.

In 2011, the biography Not Dead & Not For Sale was released. The book allowed Scott to give a candid account of his personal addictions and how addiction influenced his life.

This type of consumption of illness and poor decisions is one of the issues Mary addresses in her Rolling Stones article. She claims that purchasing content from artists who need help is hindering their personal progress and encouraging the bad behaviour.

Her letter also reveals the dark truth behind Scott as a father. She makes a point to “praise his gift” and “his ability” but also to call out to people who glorify addiction by pinning it on the “rock and roll” lifestyle.

Despite his hardships and the strain his substance abuse placed on his family, he was an undeniable talent who will surely be missed.


*Read the full letter here:


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