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Scientists Reaching new Heights in Replacement Capabilities

Tragic incidents happen to people all the time. They fall during an extreme sport and damage one of their limbs to the point where amputation is the most reasonable option. Some people are even born without limbs due to birth defects, the list could go on forever. Aside from people being given prosthetic limbs, they are often convinced that they are going to be forced to live this way for the rest of their lives. In most cases they are right, but thanks to a breakthrough by scientists recently, in the future this may not have to be true for these unfortunate individuals.

Scientists in the past have been able to recreate vital organs of animals such as the heart, liver, kidneys or lungs, but they struggled with being able to create functioning animal limbs until now. Scientists have been able to stumble upon the process to create rat forearms that are alive and moving through the use of cell manipulation. In fact, they are so proud and confident with their work, the next aim is to research how to create something as big as baboon forearms next.

This amazes me. I may say that about a lot of things, but if scientists are successful with this huge jump from rat forearms to baboon forearms, I can only imagine how long it will take them to reach experiments with human forearms and to begin helping with people’s misfortunes. The amount of lives this revolutionary progress could change is absolutely unreal.

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