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‘Saved by the Bell’ actor Dustin Diamond gets 4 months in jail for stabbing

Dustin Diamond, who is better known for his role of Screech on the 1990s TV show Saved by the Bell, was sentenced to 4 months in prison Thursday for a stabbing in a Wisconsin bar. It looks like he’s nothing like his nerdy, innocent character in real life.

Judge Paul Malloy also sentenced the 38-year-old to 15 months’ probation and ordered him to begin his sentencing Sunday. He left the courtroom with tears in his eyes and did not comment.

During his trial last month, Diamond told jurors that a confrontation turned into him accidentally stabbing a man in a barroom in Port Washington, Wis. on Christmas Day, Fox News reports.

He was convicted earlier this month on two misdemeanor accounts that stemmed from the incident. Diamond was cleared of a felony charge after a three day trial last month, according to Associated Press; however, the jury found him guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.

Diamond said that he had pulled a knife in an effort to ward off people, including a woman who had allegedly punched his girlfriend. That was supposedly the point at which the man was accidentally stabbed. Adam Gerol, Ozaukee County’s District Attorney, said that Diamond had lied and that his testimony was scripted during the trial.

Witnesses testified that it was Diamond’s girlfriend, Amanda Schutz, who started the fight. She was also convicted of disorderly conduct and will face a maximum of 90 days in prison.

Before Diamond went and landed himself in prison, he wasn’t doing that great. He has been sued several times for not paying his taxes and mortgages, he has made a sex tape and he has appeared on multiple reality TV series.

Since his Saved by the Bell years, Diamond has also produced a Lifetime documentary called The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story and he has appeared in other films and TV shows with small roles. IMDb cites him appearing in films such as Bleeding Hearts, College Fright Night, Hamlet A.D.D., Big Fat Liar, and more. He is also cited in TV movies and series that most people probably wouldn’t recognize.

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