Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Saudi Arabia Refuses to Grand LGBT Rights

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia announced today that there would be no rights granted to gay people in the Kingdom. Although the ministry supports human rights principles, they only support them so long as those principles are in live with Islamic law. This comes after intense debates on Twitter with regards to gay rights in Saudi Arabia and how these as well as Saudi Arabia’s human rights record has been looked at critically. And Saudi Arabia is not happy with this.

However, despite its rejection of gay rights, Saudi Arabia does reject terrorism and urged united international action against religious extremism because it feels like these ideas violate the teachings of all religions in the world.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the rights of LGBT people are non-existent. In fact, homosexuality and transgenderism is seen as immoral and the punishment for acts of homosexuality includes imprisonment, fines, whippings, floggings and capital punishment.

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