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Samsung Safety Truck – Could Make Driving Much Safer!

Ever been stuck behind a semi on a one lane road, with a line of cars behind you but you are too nervous to pass it? Ever been driving along and see an approaching semi and a car pokes it’s nose out at the last second and both of you have to swerve to avoid a collision?

Well a recently posted promotional video, showing what is called the “Safety Truck”, could solve those traffic concerns!

The “Safety Truck” is a prototype which Samsung revealed to the world this last week. It’s essentially a trailer truck that shows oncoming traffic to vehicles driving behind it! The amazing, yet simple technology has caused the video to go viral. Social media has been blowing up with talk of the “Safety Truck” and what it could mean for drivers.

So how does it work? It’s simple! A wireless camera is attached in the front grille of the semi which feeds the video to outdoor, flat screen monitors attached to the back of the truck!

The video shows the “Safety Truck” driving around and has informational text fade in and out of the screen. The text reads:

“In Argentina almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour. 80% happen on roads. Mainly from people attempting to overtake. In a country with hundreds of one-lane roads, Samsung saw a way to make a difference. Incorporating technology into their trucks. Introducing…Safety Truck. Built in wireless camera at the front. 4 rear outdoor monitors. An idea that instead of changing people’s lives…Saves them. Samsung safety truck”

The truck, which made its debut on YouTube, is no longer operational but Samsung still confirms they stand behind the value of this technology put into use.

Congrats Samsung! This is certainly one of the coolest advancements I’ve seen in car technology and I’m sure drivers around the world would be very grateful to see it come to full fruition!

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