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Sams Club to Neighbor a Strip Mall This Coming Fall!

Sams Club located in northwest Wichita is going to be getting some company!

Icon Structures Inc, a general contracting firm, has been chosen to build a huge strip mall almost eleven thousand square feet large. It will be located at 10240 W. 29th Street North right near the currently existing Sams Club.

The permit needed for such a large project is valued at eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars! It’s just the first stage of a plan intended to develop the land in the area. It’s going to be filled with commercial and retail out parcels but specifics as to those are going to be has yet to be released.

Marketing for the strip mall is done by InSite Real Estate Group. According to Dan Unruh, an InSite partner, huge progress will be seen on the building this year and it’s expected to be finished this upcoming fall.

When Sam’s Club opened in July 2014, the area garnered more traffic and thus more development interest. The hope is that the strip center will add even more value to the area.

Builders – Icon Structures Inc.

Architect – Shelden Architecture

Marketing- InSite Reael Estate Group for M29

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