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Runaway truck kills 6-year-old boy on trampoline

A 6-year-old boy will never see summer in Des Moines, Iowa again. A runaway truck barreled through his backyard Monday and struck him while he was on his trampoline.

The boy was identified as Irving Aguilar-Gonzalez late Monday. According to police, Aguilar-Gonzalez was playing on the trampoline with a friend at noon when a truck busted through the backyard fence of the multifamily home and slammed into the trampoline.

The truck carried both Aguilar-Gonzalez and the trampoline several yards south of the backyard until it came to a halt in a ditch. The police called for a tow truck to move the pickup truck and get to Aguilar-Gonzalez; sadly, they did not make it in time.

A 4-year-old boy, Javier Falcon, was also near the trampoline at the time of the accident. Apparently, Falcon was not injured, but his mother–who is not the mother of Aguilar-Gonzalez–took him to the hospital to be sure.

Des Moines police said the incident occurred after a white pickup truck, driven by Guadalupe Villa-Guzman, rear-ended a Toyota Highlander SUV. Then, he jumped a curb and ran through two backyard fences, according to USA Today.

Dorothy Taylor of Fort Dodge saw Villa-Guzman leave the road. She said that he was going 50 mph when he came over the hill and no brake lights were present. “He popped out, came around me, went between two cars and hit that van,” Taylor said.

Police are still unsure how the initial wreck occurred. No one was injured in that accident.

Neither of Villa-Guzman nor the family of Aguilar-Gonzalez spoke English well, but police translators were on the scene quickly. Alejandra Patino is a neighbor to Villa-Guzman’s mother. According to her, his mother lives alone and there is no other family in the state.

Villa-Guzman, a Des Moines native who was driving with a suspended license, was taken into custody, according to a Des Moines police news release. He will be charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving, reckless driving and causing serious injuries and driving while suspended, according to police.

It is devastating when a child dies, and it is particularly devastating to find out it happened on the first day of summer vacation. Sgt. Jason Halifax, spokesman for the Des Moines police, said that it is “never, ever easy certainly when a child dies” not matter when or how. “It’s hard to put into words how heartbreaking that is.”

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