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“Rock n’ Roll Garden” – Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Generation Y may be a bit reliant on social sharing, self display and technology in general – but there is another focus that seems to be catching the eye of many Millennials. Gardening!

More and more twenty year olds are trying their hand in the yard as a form of entertainment but also as a way to get more in touch with the earth! I admit it, this year I decided it was time to see just how green my thumb was. I’m loving every minute of being outside watering my plants and harvesting my fruits and vegetables! In an age where instant gratification has become such a prominent feature of every day life, it’s neat to take a step back and watch something grow – slowly but beautifully. There are lots of things I’ve seen my generation do that make me ashamed to say the least – but seeing increasing numbers of my peers stepping outside with their phones put away and getting some dirt under their nails is restoring my faith!

The Chelsea Gardening show, which BBC1 will be covering tonight (May 17) at 5:35pm, showcases beautiful gardens and their creators. Two of those gardeners are brothers David and Harry Rich! These two handsome boys have recognized the love of the lawn in our generation and are hoping to spread that love even further. Their hope is to show more young people that gardening can be fun and crazy and that the time and effort you put into a garden today can be enjoyed for years to come!

The Rich’s grew up gardening as young lads in Brecon Beacons – a mountain range in South Wales – and from there went to university for their craft. They ended up doing an artisan show garden for the Chelsea Gardening Show and got great feedback that helped launch their design career forward. They are innovative in their outdoor designs which play on the concepts of inside vs outside. The goal of their gardens is to create extensions of the homes they belong to. Combining their knowledge of architecture, plants and even a bit of engineering…they’re able to create unique spaces that anybody would be lucky to enjoy.

Check out their rock and roll gardens and learn more about the brothers at:

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