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Rob Kardashian Makes Rare Appearance on Instagram

The Kardashian’s are usually all over social media. Rare is the time where you can log on and not see anything from one of the clan. However, one Kardashian likes to stay out of the limelight and social media frenzy for personal reasons of his own.

Rob Kardashian, 28, has removed himself from the public persona of social media over the past few years, assumedly because of his weight gain. In a (socialmedia) world consumed with body image and appearance, his reasons are understandable.

However, the brother to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe and half-brother to Kendall and Kylie recently made an appearance on Instagram. The reality star shared a selfie with fans on Sunday night.

While the shot is a face-only image, Rob is looking slimmer in the face and has a healthy glow. The image is creating buzz online as a result of his reclusiveness and social media shyness.

A source reported to E! News that Rob is dedicated to shedding over a 100 pounds. Reportedly, Rob’s lifestyle now includes more than just cardio and weights. He has partnered with celebrity trainer Gunna Peterson, who also works closely with his sisters. Rob is also consulting a chef for healthy eating routines.

Over the past few months, we have seen a slow return to social media from Rob. With a few recent pictures, some jokes and increased family involvement, many are anticipating a full return to the limelight for Rob. I, for one, think this will be far in the future, if at all.


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