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Richmond Tattoo Artist Finds Out His Wife Is Having A Baby Boy

This week a touching video has caught the attention of news stations.

So what’s so great about the video? 6 foot 4 inch tall, 240 pound, motorcycle riding tattoo artist, Charles Berger, standing in his kitchen doing the dishes. I know that doesn’t seem spectacular. But the clip becomes truly touching when his wife, Nikki, and daughter surprise him with a very special gift.

Charles and Nikki are expecting a new addition to their family. They already have two girls together and both had assumed that their third child would be another daughter. But on Monday, Nikki received a call from her doctor. The blood tests were in and the results showed that instead of a daughter, they would be welcoming a baby boy into their lives! Nikki said:

“I started crying immediately (…) I wanted to call my husband, but figured I’d rather wait to see his reaction in person.”

Knowing what effect the news would have on Charles, she devised a plan to tell him and record his reaction on camera.

She said:

“I bought a onesie that said ‘The Perfect Gentlemen’ on it, put it in a gift bag and brought it home.”

When she got home, Charles was in the kitchen. She got the camera rolling and handed the gift to her daughter to present.

In the clip Nikki tells her husband:

“You’re such a hard working man and I love you so much, we wanted to say thank you for all that you do for us.”

As he dries his hands, he is hesitant to accept the gift. He tells his family that they are enough of a gift but they urge him to just open it! Once he pulls the onesie out of the bag his tone instantly changes.

Charles starts sobbing and embraces his wife. It’s one of two things that can bring a grown man to his knees, kittens and family. Their first son, Matthew Graham, will be born early next year.

Congratulations Berger family!

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