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Return of Battle Bots

A long time ago when I was growing up, I remember watching a television show called battle bots. This was a television show where people would construct remote controlled robots with weapons and put them against each other to see which one would destroy the other first. Awesome right? Well the only problem is that the show was cancelled in 2002. This was one of my favourite show growing up.

Well, after over a decade of not being around, the television show will finally make a come back. There is only one problem with it. Ever heard of the saying “Everything happens for a reason”? Well there is no difference here. The show was cancelled for a reason more than ten years ago, so those who knew about it are wondering if it will be anywhere near as popular as it was in it’s prime.

I think that the show has potential to be popular like it was before, but just like other shows and sports, it will have a niche audience. What do I mean by this? Well think about it. Not everyone likes every single sport, not everyone likes UFC, and not everyone likes television shows like breaking bad, game of thrones and orange is the new black. I feel that battle bots will fall into the same category as these kinds of programming on television shows. I know that I for sure will be watching the next time it comes on, as it has already been released as of June 21st 2015.

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