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Research shows low fat diet has little effect on weight loss

A new study shows that a low fat diet strategy for weight loss is not effective.

Alexandra Sims from Independent reports the following:

“The report, published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal, analysed 53 long-term studies carried out since 1960, which compared the diets of more than 68,000 people and found traditional advice to cut fat out of one’s diet to lose weight is wrong.”

Carina Storrs from CNN reports the results of the study:

“Generally, study participants on a low-fat diet got less than 30% (and sometimes only 10%) of calories from fat. Those on high-fat and low-carb diets usually got at least 30% (and sometimes more than 60%) of calories from fat and less than 10% from carbs.

Of all the diets they looked at, which emerged the lightweight champion? None.

The main verdict was that there was no difference in weight loss between low-fat and high-fat diets. However, the low-fat diets fared slightly better than the low-carb diets; people had lost about 2.5 more pounds after at least a year. But the difference was small and the researchers did not think it would lead to any meaningful health benefits.”

CNN also reported what the lead conductor of the study, Dr. Deirdre Tobias,  gave as a solution to losing weight.

” ‘Long-term adherence is going to be what drives (weight loss), so identifying which of all the health foods you enjoy, which patterns you can stick to on a daily or weekly basis, will be what gives the best weight loss,’ Tobias said. “

Rather than reducing food intake, perhaps the solution to weight loss is to keep intake the same. But only eat quality nutritious food.

We must understand that fats are actually good for the body.  For example, Brain tissue requires it to remain healthy.

For further information about the study follow the above links in this article to the CNN and Independent articles.

Here is a video from Youtube Channel Abel James that describes some of the benefits of eating fat.

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