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Research Done on Aging Rate

If you are not this person, you likely have at least one friend who is close to your age who often complains about how old they are, are getting, or how old they feel. This is likely the part where you tell them to shut their mouths because they are still likely in their twenties and maybe their early thirties. What if I told you that they may not be completely making up what they are saying? What if there was a way to find out how old they actually feel through research and testing? Well, that is what researchers are looking into now.

A study was conducted with adults ages twenty six, thirty two and thirty eight, where tests on many of their internal organs and fitness was recorded. Interestingly enough, the results of this study for those who were age thirty eight varied very much. Some people were given a biological age of younger than thirty despite being thirty eight, some were recorded to be in their fifties, and some people were recorded as being older than sixty. These results also showed that the vast majority of all ages have different rates of biological aging. This means that some people biologically age at only one year for every year that goes by, some age two years, and some even as high as three. This is how you find people age thirty eight showing that they have the current health status of a sixty year old. What was also interesting about this study was that doctors were recruited to have their say on it, and concluded that genetics is only twenty percent of aging, whereas the other eighty percent comes from the lifestyle of the individual.

So there you have it. Your actions definitely do play a part in how you feel, and your age is not only defined by the difference between the current year and your birthday. Now look at those people who say that they are twenty five and feel like they are forty, and think about their lifestyle. Do they go out and drink hard every weekend? Are they regularly active people? Do they eat junk food every waking second of every day? What about their sleeping habits? Their habits with drinking water? These are all things that you need to consider when they tell you these things. Conversely, these same actions are also responsible for some elderly folks aged sixty or seventy who act very differently compared to your average elderly person.

The best example I can think of when it comes to the older generations doing young things is in my sport of power lifting. Some will probably hear the name of it and think that you can only do it for so long. That is true, but that time is much longer than you think. I was recently at the national championships for power lifting, and I had the honor of watching the older weight classes compete. These classes are known as masters. The masters classes range from one to four. One being ages forty to forty nine, two being fifty to fifty nine, three being sixty to sixty nine, and four is reserved for those who are seventy and over. Believe what you like, but there are many people lifting massive amounts of weight in these classes! Watching these people truly makes me believe that it all comes down to the individual.

In the end, it all comes down to how well you treat your body. No one lives forever and I understand that, but you may as well make life as enjoyable as you can while you are here.

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