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Republican Carly Fiorina raises $6.8 million since July

Former Hewlett Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina’s success in the opening Republican debates helped her raise $6.8 million between July 1 and Sept. 30. Her campaign announced the number Tuesday.

Fiorina beat out Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida by roughly $800,000, though he has raised $18 million overall compared to her $8.5 million, Washington Post reports. Fiorina’s campaign spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores tweeted that Fiorina spent just $2.2 million over the summer, leaving her burn rate low.

Before her tremendous performances in the Republican debates, Fiorina had been struggling to raise enough money to stay in the race for the presidency. She also spent months at the bottom of the polls, but she has since moved up to the second or third position in most surveys, according to Reuters.

Although Fiorina has been making some money lately, she only raised $1.4 million for her campain and $4.8 million for her Super PAC, CARLY for America between May and June. As a result, she is still behind some of her Republican competitors.

The full numbers will not be available until the candidate’s third quarter reports are filed with the Federal Election Commission Thursday, according to CNN. Nevertheless, GOP candidates Ben Carson, Rubio and Rand Paul have announced their totals. Carson, the former neurosurgeon, had the most money heading into October with $12 million, Rubio followed close behind with $11 million, Fiorina falls in third and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky raised $2 million.

As the campaign gets closer to actual votes coming in in the early primary states–Iowa and New Hampshire–candidates will start spending more money on outreach and television advertising. That being said, candidates with lots of cash like Jeb Bush will be able to ramp up the airtime in those important states.

In fact, some have already started reserving airtime, according to The Post. If Fiorina’s competitors start increasing the amounts they spend, then she will likely be forced to spend back. Plus, she’s at the top of the large Republican group. The top guns are usually targeted!

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