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Red Nose Day

The Value of Celebrity

Red Nose Day is a television benefit organized by the not for profit organization, Comic Relief Inc. The benefit has been hugely successful in the United Kingdom and now the United States is going to give it a try!

Scratching your head about why the benefit is called “Red Nose Day”? Comic Relief hosts the benefit which features celebrities making fools of themselves! They encourage the inner clown in all of them in hopes that people will see their favorite stars and be encouraged to pull out their wallets. In the U.K. Red Nose Day is anticipated year round and since it began, they’ve raised over 1.55 billion dollars! It was founded by Jane Tewson and Richard Curtis and the first ever benefit aired Christmas day 1985 from a Sudan refugee camp.

The first ever United States Red Nose Day benefit will be televised Thursday, May 21st at 8-11pm EST on NBC. Tune in to see the star studded cast! Tons of A-list celebrities are participating from Will Ferrell to Jennifer Aniston and Christina Aguilera!

There are 12 charities that will split all the donations from the night including: Children’s Health Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Oxfam America and Save the Children. The potential for success is based entirely on how the public will react. If the response is the same as the U.K. audience, we can expect to see another Red Nose Day benefit next year!

Red Nose Day aims to change the way fundraising and donating is approached. Instead of seeing it as an obligation or as a heartbreaking compulsion to reach for your cash, they want to turn it into something fun that you look forward to. Their website states that they “believe in a just world free from poverty and use the power of entertainment to create positive change in the world.” And what a powerful tool to use.

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