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Red Lobster and Calories

Everyone experiences this at some point. People come home from a long day of work, a long day of classes, or that single parent is at home all day taking care of their four kids and just do not have the energy to cook a meal. So what do they do? Do they drive to Mcdonalds? Do they order from a pizza place? Do they go out to a restaurant? Regardless of what they do, there is one thing in common. They end up not cooking their own food, so they get some easy food. They also probably sit there and wonder why they do not this more often. Well, I am not going to tell you why you probably do not, but I can tell you why you should not.

Some people may think that they avoid all the unhealthy habits of restaurants by going to places like red lobster. It is a good strategy right? I mean, they are predominantly a fish dominant restaurant, and fish has much less calories than beef and pork right? On its own, sure. However, once the Red Lobster employees are done with it, you may think a little differently. The maximum amount of calories from the “build your own combination” option comes out to two thousand seven hundred and ten calories. If that was not enough, add on the calories from whatever you are drinking assuming it is not water, and you likely have got a three thousand calorie meal in front of you.

People eating like this often is part of the reason that people are not losing weight. They go for a forty minute run, five times a week and that’s great, but they counter act all of the work they just did with big mac combo or a large pizza. Losing weight however is not my primary concern when it comes to restaurant foods and people’s health. My main concern is what the ingredients and how much of them they use in the food will do to unexpected diners. These meals are often overloaded with salt. What’s that? Your food does not taste like it has that much salt in it? Well, get ready for a tall glass of reality. Picture going out to lunch, what on earth do you think makes your fries taste so good? What about the bacon in your BLT? What about the salt in the dressing which goes all over your so called “healthy” salad? What about the sugar? I will not go into nearly as much depth on this one, but just imagine the amount of sugar in the over sized glass of sprite or coke that is brought to you, or the amount of sugar in the sauces of your food that makes them so sweet. Now go and look up how much salt or sugar the average person is supposed to have in a day, I guarantee you will be shocked. See where i’m going with this? Restaurant food is great, but only indulge in it once in a while, because eating meals like this often will lead you to an early grave.

I get rather deep and detailed with topics like these because being one of those people that get asked how I got into such good shape, I hear things like this all the time. “Oh come on, its just one piece of cake!” or “Just one doughnut!” The truth is, I do not care if it is just one of anything, what I care about is the amount of calories that are in it, and how it was prepared. I continue to tell people that once they choose to have healthier options and exercise regularly, sooner or later that excess body fat will have nowhere to run.

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