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Reading Your Sunscreen Label Properly

Think about some things that you may end up packing when you go on a vacation to some place warm, or maybe just take a trip to the beach. Swimsuit, towel, umbrella for the sun maybe, there are a lot of things right? Well what about sunscreen? Does any thought ever go into it? I do not know about you, but either my family or myself would just grab a bottle and take it to the cashier. If on the odd day we are actually paying attention, we may grab the bottle with the highest number on it, as we subconsciously think the higher number products will theoretically protect us longer. Well I’m here to tell you that you probably know even less than you think you do about that bottle you pick up, as a study shows that a lot of us do not.

Fifty one percent of people whose results were recorded in the study were the ones who knew what the spf on the sunscreen bottles actually meant, while the other forty nine percent did not. For the record, it stands for sun protection factor. Now there is the matter of the spf numbers. Some may look at these numbers like spf 30 and spf 70 and think there is a substantial difference, but they are wrong. Based upon the analysis of these sunscreens, spf 30 and 50 only reported a one percent difference in sunlight protection. Think about that the next time you buy the more expensive brands.

While sunscreen may not be as effective as some day it is, I am glad it is around. Without it we would literally burning to death from the hot sun. In my opinion, what we are buying does not really matter if we use it frequently enough and the fact that sunscreen is bought with ignorance is way better I think than it not being bought all together.

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