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Reactions To Rihanna’s Shocking New Music Video

Late Wednesday night, Rihanna’s most recent music video for “B***h Better Have My Money” made its way onto websites around the world. This very NSFW music video follows Rihanna and her crew around as they torture, kidnap, and execute a vengeful murder. Why? Because she felt someone owed her a whole fist full of cash.

In the video, Rihanna and her crew kidnap the wife of her -it would seem – scummy accountant. From here, Rihanna strings up his arguably innocent, naked wife from the roof of a barn by her ankles. But it doesn’t stop here, she nearly drowns her in a pool, forces her to drink and smoke, takes her on a wild yacht ride, and more, all before putting her back in her trunk for an awful night’s sleep.

Once it became apparent that using the accountant’s wife as leverage isn’t going to work, Rihanna and her cronies take her home in her Louis Vuitton trunk to execute their back up plan. What’s the plan you ask? Well, to brutally torture the accountant slash husband. During the torture scene, you see flashes of knives and chainsaws labelled with perceived grievances such as: “Cheater” and “F****d Up My Credit.”  If you ask me, murder hardly seems like a fair punishment for a bad credit score… Fast forward to the end of the 7 minute music video where Rihanna is found naked, soaked in blood, lighting up inside a cash filled Louis Vuitton trunk.

Rihanna’s “B***h Better Have My Money” music video is hard to watch on multiple levels. The undeniable glorification of violence in this video says something about our contemporary pop culture’s comfort with vengeance and violence I prefer not to think about too hard. And yet, it is impossible not to. By some accounts, this video could be seen as a reaction to the many real-world examples of racial violence happening around the world. That said, Rihanna will stop at nothing to get what she feels is hers – including murder. Does no one else see this as hugely problematic?

According to Rihanna herself,  she co-directed the mini movie along with French group Megaforce to coincide with a vision she had for the track 8 months ago.  While the #BBHMM music video is being described as iconic, artistic, and daring,  it also exemplifies at least ten criminally deviant behaviors. Whatever happened to “two wrongs don’t make a right?” In a world where there is already too much real life blood and gore, why do we feel the need to create – and glorify – even more?

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