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PS4 Update 3.00 Coming Wednesday

According to the US PlayStation blog  The newest Ps4 update 3.00, codename: Kenshin, will release tomorrow Wednesday September 30, 2015.  Continue reading to find out what features the update will bring, or visit the blog at http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/09/29/ps4-system-software-update-3-00-out-930-take-a-visual-tour/

You can also see a video that shows the features below

Since September 1st, PlayStation 4 owners have had access to the beta version that included test features that may or may have not made it into the final update.  Some of the features coming tomorrow are new and many of the features are similar as before.  The update will allow the player to use their Ps4 in faster and more accessible ways.

See the following paragraphs for the 3.00 update descriptions originally reported by John Koller of the Playstion Blog:

Those who want to socialize with other players can use the Ps4 access event hub to see what online multi-player events are going on and join in.

Players can use Sticker pictures of video game characters to deliver messages , similar to MSN messaging emoticons, to deliver quick messages and save time that would be normally used for typing.  A Sticker from the blog shows video game character Nathan drake looking at his watch to show the player is busy.

Twitter and YouTube streaming is available. Twitter videos of maximum 10 seconds and much longer YouTube videos can be recorded.  With a a few button presses, the player can post YouTubeLivestreams, a live YouTube recording of the game they are playing.

Now players have the option to capture and post pictures from their game in a higher resolution PNG form or lower resolution JPEG

Online storage space for PS Plus members game saves has increased from 1Gb to 10 Gb

Also available on Ps4 are community discussion pages for players to share information to help players plan strategies and play their games better

What do the players think of the update news?

Players posted their thoughts in the comment section of the blog.

+ Akmaljon said:

“Why add social crap into video game console? Share on tweeter? who the heck uses tweeter? wth is going on? can anyone explain? its getting worst and worst! Only thing excited me is 10GB space and thats it. Sony, if u really want to achieve something you have to add backwards compatibility for ps3 games! So i can enjoy my ps3 games that i have once bought and got from ps+ on ps4.”

Although some are not impressed with the update + MakaiOokami posted the following:

“Absolutely not worthless.

Millions of people are going to make groups of
“PS Nation”
“Destiny Friends”
“MMO Clan”
“Anime guys”
“IRL Friends”

I for one am going to use the communities aspect fervently for Disgaea 5. I mean those games are deep, and you need people helping each other. Can’t wait to see what the Bloodborne Community will look like or Dark Souls 2. If you don’t think communities is a good feature, I think you’re not playing complex enough games.”

If you have feedback about features you’d like to see added to the Ps4 user interface you can join the blog at http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/.


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